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Cloud Data Protection Solution

The cloud and the benefits of using cloud IaaS and SaaS application services are a given today as enterprises continue to seek more automation, productivity and cost savings from its IT Systems. The benefits of collaboration, dashboards and access to critical data to enable instant and correct business decisions is also a given. Global reach and distributed workforces leveraging mobile and smartphone technology are also a given in today’s modern day cloud based architectures.

However, with modern day distributed cloud based IaaS and SaaS applications, infrastructure and architecture are very different to the traditional perimeter based IT security approaches of yesterday.

A modern day cloud based architecture means confidential and sensitive corporate data and specifically sensitive data is transmitted externally, stored ‘at Rest’ and then processed in many SaaS and IaaS infrastructures beyond the safety of the traditional security perimeter boundaries of yesterday.

Cloud Data Protection (CDP) solutions such as the eperi Gateway are the answer to the challenges to these modern day cloud based architectures where the protection of sensitive corporate data is now a legal and regulatory requirement for corporate governance. eperi Gateways are configured as a single point of control in an enterprises security and network proxy when enterprise users are accessing cloud IaaS and SaaS based applications. This point of control ensures corporate governance where sensitive and confidential data is protected in a totally seamless and integrated manner, therefore helping the enterprise address its various legal and regulatory information compliance and security requirements. Data protection policies are set so that corporate sensitive data can be protected before it leaves the control and safety of the enterprise. The once sensitive data can now leave the enterprise as encrypted and is protected at all times ‘in Transit’, ‘at Rest’ and ‘in Use’ across distributed IaaS and SaaS application environments.

The eperi Gateway can be configured as a standalone solution where a more advanced and seamless data security with SaaS applications is required or as part of an enterprise integrated CASB project where CASB data protections capabilities are typically based on basic DLP and data blocking techniques that break business processes and add business process overhead and complexity to now process blocked data.

The eperi Gateways offer more corporate control compared to the ‘Encryption at Rest’ (EAR) solutions available from many SaaS application vendors where all or part of the encryption keys are managed by the SaaS vendor.