About eperi

eperi GmbH is a leading provider of Cloud Data Protection (CDP) solutions with several hundred customers addressing data security, compliance and data control use cases for custom applications and leading SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others.

As enterprises face significant legal and regulatory data compliance and data control challenges such as Data Residency, GDPR, PCI/DSS or HiPPA when leveraging the cloud and SaaS platforms, the eperi CDP solutions are helping address these data compliance and data control challenges through a range of cost effective software data protection solutions for most leading SaaS platforms. The eperi CDP solutions are unique in offering the broadest and deepest supports for cloud SaaS, applications, databases and files and are designed with a powerful template concept to support hundreds of different cloud SaaS applications.

This allows enterprises to accelerate the adoption of cloud SaaS whilst addressing these data security, compliance and data control needs in a manner that is seamless to user experience of the SaaS and never compromises the key data protection and data security principles: always ensuring that only the enterprise is in full control of its sensitive data.

eperi CDP solutions are software based solutions that can be used as on-premise gateway solutions under the full control of the enterprise, or are available through MSSP (Managed Service Security Partners) such as IBM, T-Systems and others.

The eperi Gateways are configured as a CDP (cloud data protection) point solution or as part of an integrated CASB solution where more complex and seamless data protection and SaaS application functional preserving use cases are required by enterprises.