The eperi Gateway: Your Cloud Security Solution

Data Protection with the eperi Gateway – secure, simple and flexible

The eperi Gateway is the foundation for all eperi Cloud Data Protection Solutions. It acts as an invisible protective shield and runs independently of the applications you want to protect – whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud or hosted by a partner. As it’s a network component, the eperi Gateway doesn’t need any time-consuming installation on the client or server side and it comes with all major functionalities like searching and sorting. It’s usually used as a network proxy and works transparently with all common cloud services, database applications and file storage systems.

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Your sensitive information only leaves your company in encrypted form. The eperi solutions provide what’s known as crypto-agility, enabling you to decide for yourself which algorithms are best suited to your requirements. Standard algorithms like AES-256 and RSA-2048, post-quantum algorithms, or your own algorithms. The eperi Gateway’s patented template architecture controls which data fields are encrypted, tokenized or left as plain text. That makes it much easier for you to comply with stringent data protection regulations around the world. You’re always in control.

The eperi Gateway is based on the open-source component SecRT (Security Runtime). It was developed together with Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which also tested it.


The Benefits of the eperi Gateway

Remote Control

Full control

As a customer, you alone control the encryption process.


Pseudonymization & Anonymization

Flexibility with encryption and tokenization.

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Suitable for all Cloud Applications

Patented template concept supports major cloud applications.


Highest Security

Crypto-Agility while maintaining all major cloud functionalities.


Flexible Configuration

You as the customer determine which data is encrypted, tokenized or left unchanged.

eperi Gateway flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment

On-premises, virtualized, containerized, in the cloud or hosted by partners.


Quick Success

Zero footprint requiring no change on client- or server-side.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Stateless failover/load balanced, worldwide deployments, georedundant.

Single Point of Control

Single Point of Control

Centralized enforcement of compliance policies and regulatory requirements.

European Union

European Company

No access by third parties via hidden back doors.


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