Public authorities

Today: Not even the German Federal Parliament (der Bundestag) is secure

  • Confidential citizen information

    • Laws and regulations for protection of personal data are stated in data protection laws, the criminal code and the corporate law.
    • BSI recommendations are obligatory for public authorities.
  • IT consolidation of the Public Federal Government

    • Creating an own Federal Cloud and the related activities like e.g. application consolidation, business consolidation and procurement bundling mean extreme challenges for handling sensitive and individual-related data.
    • The manual for basic IT security (published by the BSI) and the eperi solution recommended on the BSI homepage enable effective and efficient realizing these requirements.
  • IT security Made in Germany

    • The basis of all eperi solutions was jointly developed with and tested by the BSI.
    • Public authorities of all levels are successfully using the eperi solution for many years
    • Trust and security in information and communication technology are the keys to be able to effectively use future digital technologies and the prospects they provide.