As things are now: administrator interfaces grant access to all sensitive data

  • Business espionage

    • Industrial enterprises are successful because of their secret recipes, procedures and methods. Exactly this information is what competitors want.
    • Patent specifications are stolen prior to filing and filed by a competitor.
    • Replica increase internationally
  • Suppliers are obliged to encrypt

    • Client certificates and seals of approval oblige them to pass their own requirements to all suppliers.
    • Spot checks are supposed to control the quality of handling data. In case of occurring problems, the supplier contract is terminated.
  • Plant medical service

    • Software solutions for the plant medical service store the personal data unencrypted. According to Germany Law, their processing is permitted for medical specialist staff only. Centralizing the IT in a data processing center is impossible.
    • IT systems increasingly are connected and so more vulnerable than they were a few years ago. The security level did not increase parallel.
  • Industrie 4.0

    • The increasing crosslinking of machines and controlling them using public networks require additional security measures.
    • Attacks may severely disturb entire production systems.
  • IT security laws

    • Critical infrastructures (KRITIS) contain industrial sectors like e.g. energy, information technology, tele community, traffic, health, water, food, as well as finance and insurance. For them significantly increased security requirements apply and especially the necessity for data encryption.