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A Seamless Data Security Layer for MariaDB

The eperi Gateway is a flexible software based solution that can be deployed in a number of scenarios. Configured with the MariaDB Database Plug-in, the eperi Gateway allows enterprises to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data within the database. Not even system administrators have access to the sensitive data. The concept of separating the encryption service and key management via the eperi Gateway to the MariaDB database itself allows enterprises to meet complex data compliance and data security needs. These data compliance and data security needs are becoming commonplace as next generation IT architectures and services separate the application and databases to distributed architectures and managed IT services. The eperi Gateway with its Plug-in for MariaDB acts as a seamless information security layer, ensuring that enterprise users and application accessing the MariaDB database can meet corporate defined data compliance and security policies leveraging AES-256 encryption protection methods.

Together with powerful partners like MariaDB, Salesforce, Microsoft, MariaDB, IBM and T-Systems, eperi offers sophisticated solutions and maximum data security for your cloud and database security needs. Join the several hundred eperi customers and meet all compliance requirements for GDPR and other data protection regulations with a simple, effective solution – without compromising any essential database features.

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