Mobile Security

Maximum security for mobile devices

Using mobile devices has long since become part of the everyday life. The basis of our Mobile Security solution are trustworthy identities based on cryptograhic keys and certificates. By using OTA rollout for these secure identities you may protect your mobile devices with just one mouse-click – without any user interaction.

The eperi Gateway securely distributes individual-related cryptographical keys to the mobile devices. The entire communication into the company network can be securely encrypted certificate-based. Additionally, all user identities are verified prior to permitting access to company data. All interactions with authorized and verified users are forcefully protected – even if they are partners or external staff. With the eperi solution you protect the entire communication from the mobile device to the back-end.

All standard email infrastructures such as Microsoft Exchange and Active Sync are supported. User authentication and communication encryption are done certificate-based – the eperi Gateway for Mobile provides the PKI and the key rollout. The keys, distributed without user interaction via OTA rollout, may be used for the email encryption with S/MIME as well. The certificates are stored for in-house use within the company active directory.