eperi Encryption – On-Premise and in the Cloud

No-one is able to prevent data theft.

In a 2015 Bitkom study with 1.074 participants, 51 percent of the interviewed companies stated to have been victim of at least one security breach in the last two years.

What makes this fatal: data theft is detected after 210 days on average – 30 percent even go unnoticed for two years. (Source: Trustwave, Nicholas J. Percoco)

The solution: not only protecting IT systems but protecting the data

The current press reports prove that despite capacious standard protection measures (virus scanner, hard disk encryption….) extensive data theft occurs. Only encrypting the data solves this problem.

Critical sensitive data is transformed into non-critical useless information – data garbage. Forensic analyses of security incidents show that most attackers use administration interfaces to steal sensitive company data. Each application or database owns administration access ports permitting access to the data. Ask your administrators of critical systems whether they do have access to the data. If administrators can access, than attackers may use the interfaces.

  • Proactive data protection

    If companies do not only want to react to the always up-to-date attacker methods, they`ll have to rethink. The eperi Gateway provides the option to protect the data by using real encryption. This cannot prevent data theft but an attacker cannot use the stolen data as they are encrypted.

  • Data security for databases, applications and files

    The eperi Gateway is worldwide the only solution able to encrypt all data, no matter, whether it is stored or processed in databases, applications or files afterwards. As the data itself is encrypted, it is encrypted in all systems, be it backup, system report, on the hard disk or the redundant Cloud storage.

  • Performance optimized

    Especially if critical systems are concerned the question of performance arises. Each en- and decryption process requires computer capacity and time. In more than 10 years of development eperi succeeded in optimizing the eperi Gateway resulting in a minimum performance loss. Methods like intelligent Caching, Indices and cryptographic optimizations assist here. The biggest performance leverage factor is the selective encryption. Not all data is encrypted – only the critical one. As a rule this means 5%-10% of the data to be stored; for a medical professional e.g. the person identifiable patient records. Customers wishing to use external hardware-based encryption may do as they please. The eperi Gateway is able to completely execute the key management as well as the cryptographic operations using the HSMs. Our customers (more than 100) do attest this.

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