Pedigree and Background

The eperi team has an extensive pedigree and background in IT and Information Security.

Originating from the IBM Consulting division, eperi founder Elmar Eperiesi-Beck worked on some of the most complex and challenging IT and information security projects for many of the world’s largest enterprises.

For more than 14 years now the eperi GmbH team has been focused originally in providing security consulting services which led to developing the flexible Java-based, Open Source security framework “secRT” (Security RunTime) that provides a transparent basis for the eperi CDP solutions that many of eperi’s several hundred customers still use. Additionally custom code was developed to solve the needed customer security demands in areas where no security product was able to deliver a solution.

In 2008 these two million lines of custom code were combined into the eperi Gateway. It is now used to protect sensitive data in some of the world’s largest enterprises.

With its powerful concept of application templates the eperi Gateway has evolved to protect sensitive data in files, databases, cloud SaaS applications and even custom applications.

Next steps