Without change of existing systems

Transparent network component

The eperi Gateway is a Java software, technically used as a reverse- or forward proxy in the network. This can be compared with a router, creating the connection to the network. The user surfs the net without recognizing the network component. As transparent as that is the eperi Gateway – only designed as software and not only able to forward the data but also to en- and decrypt the data beforehand.

  • Simple and quick implementation of the solution

    The systems to be protected do not have to be modified – neither server nor clients. This guarantees a maximum user acceptance, a quick and unproblematic implementation of the solution as well as a secure operation.

  • Everything remains unchanged – but secure.

    Not only the IT systems do not have to be modified. Also in-house processes and procedures remain unchanged. The user does not recognize that the eperi Gateway is active. This saves training efforts and staff creativity at detouring the security solution (Example: sheet scribbled-on password hidden under the keyboard).

    Even administrators can work unrestricted as before but they do see encrypted and thus non-critical data only. All administration tasks can be fulfilled by using the existing tools – no new process or procedure has to be established in this area. Attacker using the administration interfaces do only see encrypted and thus non-critical data.

  • SaaS, PaaS, …

    As existing systems do not have to be modified, the eperi Gateway is ideal for use in PaaS, SaaS… environments. Therefore, by using the eperi Gateway also Cloud applications like IBM Connections, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon S3 and many others can pre protected uncomplicated. Only encrypted data leaves the company and this non-critical data is stored unproblematic in the Cloud. The unknown Cloud administrators do see encrypted data only.

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