• CASB can do everything - but does it do everything correctly?

    The eperi Gateway is the perfect encryption supplement for your CASB solution.


Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are an important development for companies that want to comprehensively control their users’ access to cloud applications in order to avoid shadow IT and the associated security risks. CASB offers companies a comprehensive security solution but has no or only rudimentary encryption functions. This comprehensive approach suffers from a severe problem: data protection solutions based on CASB or DLP often block data that leaves your company. This disrupts business processes and discourages users. The result is usually a complicated and expensive change project. But there are easier ways than that.


The eperi Gateway can be seamlessly integrated into your CASB strategy as an encryption solution. Your CASB proxy policy controls when the eperi Gateway should encrypt or tokenize data before sending it to a SaaS. Only unreadable data leaves your company. The control over the encryption keys also remains completely with you. So only you control who can access your data in plain text. In contrast to DLP and other CASB solutions, the eperi Gateway also contains all the important functions of the target application. End users don’t notice any difference and can continue working as usual – completely safe.

What the eperi Gateway does

  • Data traffic is not blocked by eperi solutions. The data is encrypted within your company before it leaves it

  • Business processes and workflows of end users remain unchanged

  • The eperi Gateway is a dedicated encryption solution at the highest data protection level – without compromises

  • Plug and Play: eperi solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT structure

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