eperi Cloud Data Protection for ServiceNow

Protect Your Sensitive Information in all Your ServiceNow Applications

Protecting sensitive IT and HR service application information in the ServiceNow cloud is particularly important: it usually contains sensitive personal information about your customers and employees, which has to be especially well protected from unauthorized access.

Internal and external as well as legal data protection and compliance requirements, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), demand that you take effective measures to provide comprehensive security for sensitive personal information in all your business applications.

This also applies to all standard solutions provided by ServiceNow as well as certified Apps from the ServiceNow store and the custom applications you use together with ServiceNow.

The Perfect Addition for ServiceNow Cloud Data Protection and Compliance

eperi Cloud Data Protection for ServiceNow is the ideal addition to ServiceNow’s native security and data protection functions. It adds a central data protection and compliance platform giving you sole control over precise and transparent encryption, tokenization and advanced key management. Choose which data you want to protect – and reinforce the critical parts of your ServiceNow cloud data protection with minimal effort.

eperi Cloud Data Protection for ServiceNow helps you to easily address compliance requirements. The solution encrypts sensitive information before it is transmitted to the ServiceNow Cloud. Only authorized individuals in your organization have access to the cryptographic keys needed to encrypt and decrypt sensitive information. All encryption and decryption processes happen outside the ServiceNow Cloud – solely under your control. Not even administrators or employees of external data centers can access the data in plain text.

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