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eperi Data Protection for Databases

Your data encryption is only as good as your key management.


eperi Data Protection for Databases is the answer to one of the most common forms of attack on databases: obtaining data via compromised administrator accounts. Database administrators are usually allowed to access and edit all data as well as the ones encrypted with the database’s own security methods. Because database administrators typically have access to the cryptographic keys used to protect the sensitive data, there is no guarantee that the information is entirely safe.

With eperi Data Protection for Databases, you create and manage the keys as well as de- and encrypt your sensitive data in a separate environment which is only accessible for privileged users: the eperi Gateway. Comprehensive data protection can only be achieved if you manage both the key management and the cryptographic operations separate from the database system you want to protect.

This allows database administrators to still manage data, optimize performance, perform database backups and regular maintenance as usual. They are however not able to use any of the encrypted data stored in the database tables because they lack the required cryptographic keys to decrypt information and to read it in plain text.

Seamless Integration

When installing the eperi Data Protection for Databases, all user databases, applications, systems and tools remain unchanged. Neither end users nor administrators have to change their workflows. All work can be done as usual within the existing infrastructure – sensitive data is always encrypted.

The functionality of the eperi Gateway for Databases

Centralized Platform

The eperi Gateway is the basis for all eperi Data Protection solutions. With more than 14 years in the market, the eperi Gateway is used by several hundred enterprises and organizations to protect sensitive information within business applications by encrypting and pseudonymizing it – whether in the cloud or on premises.

Flexible through Templates

The eperi Gateway uses a unique template architecture which enables configuring data protection policies for sensitive data in cloud or business applications. With our pre-configured templates, eperi Cloud Data Protection solutions provide an out-of-the-box support for widespread cloud services such as Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and commonly used DBMS like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Templates for custom business applications can easily be created by eperi partners or customers themselves.

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eperi Data Protection for MariaDB

eperi has a long-standing partnership with MariaDB. The database management software successor to MySQL is one of the fastest growing Open Source solutions for databases. It is currently being used, among others, by Google, Mozilla, Wikimedia, Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenBSD and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. eperi was involved in the development of MariaDB’s own database encryption capabilities.

eperi Data Protection for MariaDB offers a pre-configured encryption solution for MariaDB based on the eperi Gateway. It allows you to create and manage keys for encryption and decryption of sensitive information in MariaDB in a separate environment. Please find further information here:

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