• Your data is the lifeline of your business.

    Secure it accordingly – with eperi.

  • Separate your key management from the database you want to protect.

    With the eperi Gateway you are the only one in control.

  • No fear of data theft!

    Without your keys, attackers will only see unreadable data garbage.


IT security starts with the administrator. One of the most common ways to attack databases is to read data via compromised administrator accounts – because they have extensive rights to read and manipulate all information stored in the database. This also applies to sensitive information that is stored encrypted with database-specific mechanisms. Because database administrators usually also have access to the cryptographic keys that are used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data, the protection of the stored information is not fully guaranteed.


With eperi Data Protection for Databases you create and manage cryptographic keys outside the database environment so that administrators have no access to them. Unlike other solutions where cryptographic operations take place in the database under the administrator’s control, the encryption and decryption of sensitive information takes place outside the database. Comprehensive security is only possible because both the key management and the cryptographic operations take place outside the system to be protected.

What the eperi Gateway does

  • The eperi Gateway is a central encryption platform for all your cloud applications, databases and data stores

  • Supported databases can work without restrictions

  • The solution is completely transparent for applications or end users – you won’t notice it

  • You decide flexibly which data is encrypted or left in plain text before it is stored in the database

  • Rule and content-based encryption at table level is possible

  • Unique patent-pending template architecture to centrally configure sensitive data privacy policies

  • You alone control the keys and thus the right to read your data. Administrators only have access to encrypted data

  • High performance due to targeted encryption

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