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The Lord of the Cloud Data – The Vulnerable – Part 1

Webinar, 24 January, 4:00 PM CET (BERLIN), 10:00 AM EDT (NEW YORK) (Duration: 45 min.)

Is your company one of those that has been using cloud applications for a long time? Or are you planning to outsource your office applications, CRM or HR software in the near future? Then you should not only think about how you can work cheaper, more efficiently and more flexibly, but also make sure that your data is absolutely secure in the cloud. Especially with regard to the strict guidelines of the GDPR, there are a few important things to be considered.

The Lord of Cloud Data – The Two Possibilities – Part 2

Webinar, 21 February 2019 – 4:00 PM CET (BERLIN), 10:00 AM EDT (NEW YORK) (Duration: 45 min.)

Fortunately, the days of the cipher disk are long gone. Nowadays, the most important thing is to encrypt your critical data in cloud applications such as Office 365 or Salesforce so securely that hackers don’t stand a chance. Of course, this works best when attackers cannot access the cryptographic key. The GDPR also recommends the pseudonymisation of personal data. But what exactly does that mean?

The Lord of Cloud Data – The Return of Security – Part 3

Webinar, 21 March 2019 – 4:00 PM CET (BERLIN), 10:00 AM EDT (NEW YORK) (Duration: 45 min.)

More and more companies will switch to the cloud in the next few years. By 2021, up to 95 percent of data will run through data centers. This will make working even more efficient and cost-effective. The catch: In the cloud, sensitive company data is easy prey for attackers. Companies must now react to protect their data. In our webinar, you can find out what they need to watch out for.

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Effective Protection of Sensitive Data in Database Applications – eperi Gateway for Databases

Encryption is by far the most effective method to protect sensitive data, but also one of the most misunderstood. Although many database systems offer their own encryption solutions, the bitter truth is that anyone with administrative access to the database systems usually also has access to the cryptographic keys which are required to decrypt the data. This includes internal and external administrators.

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KuppingerCole – Cloud Data Protection Done Right: When Bringing Your Own Key Just Isn’t Enough

Anyone with access to your encryption keys can potentially access your data. Learn how to keep your cryptographic keys safe, your data secured and your auditors happy with a transparent encryption gateway.

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Office 365: Mastering Security Barriers – with eperi Cloud Data Protection

Internal and external privacy compliance policies and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive data present a hurdle for many organizations when offloading business applications to the cloud.

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How to Achieve Compliance and Data Privacy in the Salesforce Cloud with eperi Cloud Data Protection

Learn how eperi Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce helps companies overcome this hurdle and how your business, as a cloud user, can maintain sole control of all privacy processes without sacrificing key Salesforce functionality.

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How to Address Compliance and Privacy in the Office 365 Cloud – eperi Cloud Data Protection

With the use of Office 365, companies aim to streamline operations and cost structures while increasing collaboration team productivity. But for some organizations, internal and external data compliance policies and regulatory data protection regulations pose a major hurdle when offloading business applications to the cloud.

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How to Minimize Scope for GDPR Data Protection Compliance When Using Cloud Services

Quickly help your organization as a data controller to understand how to de-scope and minimize personal data from third party cloud providers and SaaS applications.

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T-Systems: “Cloud Encryption with Maximum IT Security”

Thomas Rahm (Senior Manager Business Development, T-Systems), Steffen Wenzel (Geschäftsführer, Wenzel.Consult, politik-digital e.V.) and Elmar Eperiesi-Beck (CEO und Grüner, eperi) explain how T-Systems cloud solutions can help your enterprise – and how the eperi Gateway secures your data along the way.

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