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Cloud data storage services like OneDrive, Box and WebDAV have made collaboration easier than ever. Along with cost savings and high availability, one of their biggest advantages is full-text search. But they have a big disadvantage too: a lack of data security. As many as 71% of companies say most of the data they store in the cloud is sensitive (cf. Oracle and KPMG Cloud Thread Report 2019). This data comprises everything from personal details to trade secrets – and it’s at risk of data protection violations and theft.

The eperi Gateway encrypts your files before the data leaves your company and is transferred to the cloud. It ensures that everything you upload to the cloud will only be in encrypted form, regardless of whether it’s structured or unstructured data. You control the entire encryption process yourself and decide who can access your files. The data is not in plain text, so it’s illegible – and worthless – to unauthorized third parties. And the most important thing is that you can continue to leverage all the benefits of the cloud, as key functionality like full-text search and collaboration remain available for users.

eperi Gateway Features

The eperi Gateway maintains key cloud functionality like collaboration, searching and sorting – even when the data is encrypted.

The eperi Gateway is compatible with common Cloud Storage solutions such as OneDrive, WebDAV and many more.

The eperi Gateway is a central company-wide solution for file protection in cloud storage.
No installation on end-user
computers or in the cloud is required.

You centrally define which data in which folders should be encrypted and which can remain as plain text.

You decide which parts of your files should be encrypted or tokenized and how – from a few columns in CSV files to XPath selections in XML files.

The highest standards of security are guaranteed by crypto-agility, regular penetration tests, and the open-source security foundation (secRT) that was developed together with Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security.

The single most comprehensive Cloud Data Protection solution

Full Control

As a customer, you alone control the encryption process.

Flexibile Deployment

On-premises, virtualized, containerized, in the cloud or hosted by partners.

Pseudonymization & Anonymization

Flexibility with encryption and tokenization.

Quick Success

Zero footprint requiring no change on Client- or Server-side needed.

Suitable for all cloud applications

Patented template concept supports key cloud applications.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Stateless failover / load balanced, worldwide deployments, georedundant.

Highest Security

Crypto-agility while maintaining all key cloud functionality.

Single Point of Control

Centralized enforcement of compliance policies and regulatory requirements.

Flexible configuration

You as the customer determine which data is encrypted, tokenized or left unchanged.

European company

No access by third parties via hidden back doors.

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