• “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view.”

    – Henry Ford –

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck

CEO & Founder

Elmar began his security career back before the internet was the internet and FidoNet was how people connected globally over a closed system.  He had a hand in the transformation of the credit card industry when his team notified  banks that the actual PIN number for the card could be extracted from the code on the magnetic strip due to lack of encryption.

In the 90s when SAP host-based computing was introduced, Elmar saw the business opportunities it opened up and approached IBM with the idea of combining html and business. Backed by IBM, he produced a proof of concept and eBusiness took off. His ideas led him to manage global IT projects at IBM and he had a successful career there, while still persisting to maintain a technical role.

After a while, Elmar was part of team that founded a new company as subsidiary of a German Bank for transferring money. His perseverance for better security led him to create eperi and a unique software using open source code based on Java.  During that time he also worked with the Federal Office of Information Security in Germany and with the Eclipse open source community.

After ten years, Elmar realised that they had built up a portfolio of solutions to enhance the security in emails, databases, mobile devices, applications and files and he had everything he needed to make the switch from a consultancy to a vendor of a full blown data encryption product now known as the eperi Gateway.

Elmar continues to work with the open source community and meets regularly with his friends to eat, drink and code.  He whole heartedly believes in the power of open source and his business was recently awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year for the Open Source on Azure category.

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