• What do a financial company and a metal processing company have in common?

    Adherence to compliance guidelines.


With the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), compliance with internal and legal data protection guidelines is becoming a top priority in companies worldwide. But it is by no means the only data protection requirement that you must take into account. Depending on the international location of a company and the industry, numerous strict requirements apply, for example in the financial or healthcare sector.

All these guidelines have one thing in common: sensitive, personal information from customers, business partners, employees and patients must be comprehensively protected throughout their entire life cycle. You are always responsible for the processing of personal data that you collect. This responsibility cannot be delegated, not even to a cloud provider. In addition to reputational damage, there is a risk of severe penalties or obligations to disclose data leaks.


With the help of eperi Cloud Data Protection solutions, sensitive data can be protected with little effort. The eperi Gateway is a central platform with which you encrypt data before it is sent to the cloud. Critical data leaves your secure business environment in unreadable form only. You alone manage the cryptographic keys and therefore the read access. There is a clear rule: anyone with access to your cryptographic keys also has potential access to your data. When using the eperi Gateway, only you have access to your keys and thus control the encryption completely yourself.

With eperi solutions, you retain full control over all your data protection processes with simple means and thus guarantee compliance with the strictest compliance requirements. The secure use of cloud services becomes easy: Your testing effort under the GDPR and the associated burden of proof are reduced to the precautions and data protection measures that are implemented in your company. By pseudonymizing the data, the eperi Gateway and the cloud can be removed from the scope of the European Data Protection Regulation. If a data breach occurs, you do not have to inform your customers and the severe penalties of up to 4 % of global annual sales do not apply.

What the eperi Gateway does

  • Allows easy compliance with GDPR and global data protection laws

  • Reduces your testing effort and your obligation to provide proof of data protection

If sensitive data is encrypted and pseudonymized before being sent to the cloud, the cloud provider has no access to information in plain text. Moreover, this data does not fall under the protective cover of the respective compliance regulation, because it cannot be read and thus cannot become the subject of a data protection law violation on the part of the cloud provider. With encryption and pseudonymization, you can quickly and easily implement concrete demands for comprehensive data protection. If the compliance guidelines change, you can react flexibly: Thanks to the patent-pending template architecture of the eperi solutions, you can immediately adapt your protection to the new requirements.

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