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eperi Cloud Data Protection
for Storage

Do you still send huge files by e-mail to your colleagues you are working with on projects? Collaboration is easier than ever thanks to cloud storage like OneDrive, WebDAV or Box. The file is in the cloud – you and your colleagues can work together on the same file without the hassle of sharing and different versions. But Cloud also means: your business files are on an external computer out of your control. This drives many companies to despair: If employees use cloud storage, sooner or later sensitive company data will also end up in the cloud – a data protection nightmare. Departments that process data from employees, new developments or customer data cannot benefit from current collaboration tools.

eperi offers a solution: the eperi Gateway. It encrypts files before they leave your organization and are stored in the cloud. There are no more limits for your employees: whatever you upload to the cloud leaves your business as unreadable data garbage, whether it’s structured or unstructured data. You alone control the cryptographic keys and encryption within your secure corporate environment – and manage exactly who can use your files. If anyone accesses the data without your keys, they will only be able to see garbage data.

Your benefits with

eperi Cloud Data Protection

Collaboration for your entire company

Use collaboration tools for critical data in HR, Development or Sales.

Only encrypted data in the cloud

Critical data leaves your company only in unreadable form. Without your cryptographic keys, the data is worthless.

All important functions are retained

Important functions such as collaboration, full test search and sorting are not restricted; authorized users do not notice the security solution.

Unique template architecture

Which data in the data stream of your application should be encrypted, tokenized or left in plain text? With eperi you can configure your perfectly fitting solution.

Easy to install
and use

Thanks to innovative proxy architecture, there is no need to install anything on the client or in the cloud. Nothing changes for end users.

No compromise
on safety

All encryption algorithms are implemented correctly. The basis is published under an Open Source license – verifiable for everyone.

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