Privacy Preserving Analytics

Every day huge amounts of data are collected about each of us. Among other things, this information is used to simplify our lives and make the world a better place. But how can these huge amounts of data be analyzed without violating data protection laws? With our many years of experience, we offer products and solutions tailored exactly to your needs – including Big Data analysis. Find out more:

Privacy Preserving Analytics

In all industry sectors sensitive PII data is generated that can only be analyzed in compliance with legal regulations such as the GDPR. Only by proper pseudonymization or anonymization companies can run big data analyses on this information.

Privacy Preserving AI / Machine Learning / Data Science Platforms


In addition to the GDPR companies are required to carry out an additional data protection impact assessment if data is to be processed by risk-prone technologies like artificial intelligence or machine learning. Meeting these requirements remains a major challenge for companies, which can only be achieved by using appropriate mechanisms for pseudonymisation or anonymisation of data.

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