Your Key to Cloud Data Protection

eperi Cloud Data Protection

Comprehensive Use of Cloud Applications While Addressing Data Protection and Compliance Requirements

eperi‘s pioneering solutions enable customers to meet highest data protection and compliance standards for cloud services such as Office 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow as well as databases and custom business applications. More than 100 customers worldwide entrust eperi solutions with protecting their most sensitive data.

With eperi Cloud Data Protection (CDP), you as a cloud user remain in control of all your data protection processes and ensure that your organization’s data protection compliance guidelines are centrally enforced.

eperi Cloud Data Protection is the only solution in the market that allows you to encrypt data in common business cloud applications while retaining their functionalities – like searching for specific content in archived Office 365 emails or using Salesforce reporting features. All these functionalities remain while your sensitive information is stored only in an encrypted format.

For you as a customer of a cloud application such as Office 365 or Salesforce, this means you are able to use all functionalities of innovative cloud applications without compromises due to data protection and compliance requirements. Your sensitive information stored in the cloud is protected against unauthorized access at all times.

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eperi CDP for Office 365

Encrypt your sensitive content in emails, calendars, tasks, SharePoint and many more. eperi Cloud Data Protection for Office 365 combines reliable encryption with secure key management and offers an additional security layer protecting your most crucial enterprise information in Office 365.

eperi CDP for Salesforce

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics: Sensitive information and the personal information your enterprise stores and processes in Salesforce are crucial for your business. Using innovative encryption and pseudonymization processes, eperi Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce enables you to protect your sensitive data against unauthorized third party access and comply with data protection requirements easily.

eperi CDP for ServiceNow

ServiceNow makes ITSM and HR processes as well as cloud management easier than ever before. However, the highly sensitive personal data that is processed needs a high degree of protection. eperi Cloud Data Protection for ServiceNow offers strong encryption and secure key management without compromising important standard functionalities like reporting, workflows, searching and sorting.