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The eperi Gateway: The solution for your cloud security

Cloud solutions are an integral part of the company’s IT infrastructure – they are the cornerstone for greater scalability and efficiency. But do the cloud and critical data security work together well? Yes, they do – with the right solution.

The eperi Gateway is the basis for all eperi Cloud Data Protection solutions. It protects sensitive business data in applications through encryption and pseudonymization before they are moved to the cloud. Key management and encryption are carried out exclusively within the company. This way, you are the only one in control and thus guarantee compliance with data protection guidelines on all devices and platforms.

What makes the eperi Gateway so simple and flexible?

The eperi Gateway has a patented template architecture. Templates control which data fields are encrypted, tokenized or left in plain text for any cloud or business application. This means that even the strictest data protection guidelines worldwide can be met by purposive protecting only the critical data.

For widespread cloud services, database applications and file storage, pre-configured templates are available, ready for immediate use:

  • Office 365

  • Salesforce

  • MariaDB

  • IBM DB2

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • and many more...

Additional templates for any cloud and on-premises applications can be easily created by eperi partners or customers themselves. This also applies to self-developed systems.

What makes the eperi Gateway so secure?

The eperi Gateway takes on an “intermediary role”: It is located outside the application to be protected in the secure environment of your company. The data is encrypted and decrypted outside of the application. The information leaves your company only in unreadable form. eperi solutions use tested, secure standard algorithms such as AES-256 or RSA-2048.

IT security starts with your own employees: Therefore, with the eperi Gateway you retain sole control over your cryptographic keys. Even IT administrators do not see critical information in plain text, but can continue to perform their tasks, such as backups or migration. The heart of the eperi Gateway is the open source component secRT (“Security Runtime”), which eperi developed together with the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Informationssicherheit – BSI) and which was tested by them.

Your benefits

  • GDPR compliance

    Data protection under your full control

  • Comprehensive

    Central point of control for data protection policies and processes in all your business applications

  • Open Source

    The basis of the solution can be evaluated at any time

  • Flexible

    Selective, field-based encryption and tokenization

  • Functionality remains unchanged

    End users don’t notice any changes; important functions, such as searching and sorting, are retained even with encrypted data

  • Existing IT infrastructures remain unchanged

    Quick installation and easy maintenance

Traditional cloud data encryption vs. eperi

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