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eperi Press Releases & Articles - 2020

Use Microsoft legally compliant with the eperi Gateway

Blog Article

29 September 2020
What digitization officers have failed to achieve over the past few years has been accomplished within a few months by a small virus. Including all side effects such as the unchecked spread of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. In April 2020 alone, Microsoft reported a massive increase in the number of Teams users from 20 million to 75 million. This inevitably raises one question: In view of this exponential growth, what is the security situation around Microsoft 365 in general and Microsoft Teams in particular?

eperi joins the European Champions Alliance

Press Release

22 September 2020
eperi, the expert for data encryption, joins the European Champions Alliance (ECA) as an active member. With this, the Hessian company is also committing itself on a European level to greater digital autonomy and to cleaning up misleading marketing slogans of technology giants such as GAFAM. The ECA is committed to greater intra-European cooperation between companies and institutions of all sizes in order to give new impetus to the digital economy in Europe and achieve greater autonomy. This also means that the further digital transformation on the continent should give higher priority to data protection and lead to a transparent market for cyber-security solutions throughout Europe.

Data protection for Microsoft Teams by eperi

Press Release

18 August 2020
eperi, the expert for data encryption, extends the functionalities of the eperi Gateway. In addition to the integration into existing Microsoft 365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Outlook/ Exchange, the solution now also encrypts chat messages, files, attachments and channels in Microsoft Teams in real time. This makes the eperi Gateway the first solution worldwide that encrypts files and communication in Microsoft Teams before they are transferred to the cloud while still allowing the use of mobile devices and native search.

IT-Security – The unloved Nuisance?

Press Article (German)

12 June 2020
IT security is always considered the unloved nuisance when it comes to the rapid introduction of innovations in a company. The enthusiasm for a new online service is great, but then comes the IT security department and puts the brakes on the euphoria. It seems to be easier to ignore this annoying minor matter, or to integrate it only marginally. But this impression is wrong and has its dangers. The Swiss experts at Airlock and their partners vehemently oppose the old misconception that IT security comes at the expense of innovation.

Trust is good – Anonymizing is better

Press Article (German)

03 June 2020
Cars in the 21st century have long since mutated into rolling computers. Hundreds of sensors do their job, often unnoticed or, for example, as welcome helpers for drivers by means of assistance systems, but in any case networked – inside and outside. As the development of automated driving continues, the number of such systems is increasing all the time. It is obvious that they are generating a never-ending flood of data, which arouses the desire of insurers and car manufacturers, for example, but also of unwelcome snoopers.

Data Encryption & Data Soveregnity – Encrypt & Rule

Press Article (German)

26 May 2020
IT security is a central topic in companies. Not least thanks to campaigns by IT providers around the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not only IT managers but also management in general are in many cases aware of the need to protect sensitive data. In times of cloud computing, this means, among other things, that there is a high demand for IT security solutions for cloud applications. Fortunately, the large cloud providers, as well as providers of cloud applications, have the appropriate technologies on offer.

IT-Security with Flexibility: Cloud Security & the Question of Trust

Press Article (German)

09 May 2020
IT security is a central topic in companies. Not least thanks to campaigns by IT providers around the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not only IT managers but also management in general are in many cases aware of the need to protect sensitive data. In times of cloud computing, this means, among other things, that there is a high demand for IT security solutions for cloud applications. Fortunately, the large cloud providers, as well as providers of cloud applications, have the appropriate technologies on offer.

Security: “The central Element for securing Applications in the Cloud is Data Encryption”

Press Article (German)

21 April 2020
The modern IT world is a dangerous place. From development to deployment to the use of finished applications, there are potential vulnerabilities virtually on every corner. No wonder that “security” is a central area of software development. In our special on the subject of IT security, experts from well-known companies have their say on current threats and solutions.

Production Data Secure in the Cloud – Ecrypt IIoT Data via Gateway

Press Article (German)

18 March 2020
Encryption is still a solid foundation to protect the outgoing data of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application from unwanted access. Current gateways provide functions to implement this encryption quite conveniently and automatically. Where production used to be seen as an island within the company, many production machines are now connected to the Internet. This means that they can theoretically be accessed from anywhere in the world. This offers advantages, but on the other hand, entrepreneurs no longer have to protect their production against physical damage alone.

Tokenized Databases: Avoiding nasty Surprises with Test Data

Press Article (German)

12 March 2020
Those who develop applications or work with databases must test their results sufficiently. Valid test data are required for this. Therefore it is obvious to copy the already existing productive data and use it for the test. This sounds simple and not at all unfair, but can become a legal problem with considerable financial damage. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prescribes strict handling of personal data. It is therefore forbidden to use data for purposes for which it was not originally collected. Violations can result in high penalties.

Determine Encryption yourself

Press Article (German)

27 February 2020
“Develop Your Own Template” (DYOT) is a new offer from eperi that promises companies better cloud data protection. The product allows companies to encrypt data in cloud applications and build their own templates to protect only certain data. “Develop Your Own Template” uses the services of the Eperi Gateway to encrypt data before it is transferred to the cloud application. The manufacturer offers customers the opportunity to use the functionality of the Gateway with cloud applications, on-premises solutions or in-house developments.

Test Data: A GDPR Trap?

Press Article (German)

06 February 2020
The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now been in force for almost two years. Most companies have now adapted to the regulation and feel protected from possible penalties. One could say that the business world has come to terms with the GDPR. As is so often the case, the devil is in the details and companies may unexpectedly and unknowingly violate the EU GDPR. I am talking about the use of sensitive data for testing purposes.

The Best of both Worlds: Will 2020 be the Year of the secure Cloud?

Press Article (German)

04 February 2020
According to many forecasts, the cloud will continue to “boom” in 2020. But how can cloud use be reconciled with data control, compliance with global legislation, data residence and directors’ liability? The simple answer is that cloud computing, when used properly, provides the security and reliability of a large IT organization, as well as the control and compliance of data protection regulations of an in-house IT infrastructure.

eperi & Netskope: Strong Alliance between two Cloud Security Leaders

Press Release

03 February 2020
Cloud services are being adopted at a significant rate, with recent statistics showing that 85% of enterprise internet traffic flows to and from cloud services. Therefore, the high need of an all-embracing cloud security solution, looking at access and behacioral user interaction as well as securing all data elements in the cloud to comply to regulatory demands, data Residency Issuesm Personal C-Level Liability and simply to stay in control of the data. As such eperi, an expert for Cloud Data Protection Gateway (CDPG) and Netskope, a Gartner MQ “leader” supplier of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Next Generation Secure Web Gateways (NG-SWG) have announced their partnership today.

Digital Autonomy in the Cloud

Press Article (German)

16 January 2020
Autonomy is an important good – and in the current digital age this applies even more to digital autonomy. In the discussion about this topic in everyday business life, the idea that companies must ensure control over their data – especially PII (Personal Identifyable Information) is usually at the centre of attention. Since the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / EU-DSGVO) came into force, this aspect has become even more relevant, as there is the threat of severe penalties for violations. Recently, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Peter Altmaier joined the debate and proposed a European cloud solution.


eperi Press Releases & Articles - 2019

IT Security in companies: danger from the net

Press Article (German)

17 December 2019
Numerous companies have already been victims of cyber attacks. This results in losses running into millions. Four out of ten companies in Germany have been victims of a cyber attack in the last two years. Most attacks were discovered only by chance. Nevertheless, the willingness to invest in the prevention of e-crime is low, according to a study by the auditing firm KPMG. Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, CEO of the IT security company eperi, cannot understand this. “Any investment in cyber security is cheaper than having to repair the damage after an attack.”

Airlock & eperi agree Technology Partnership

Press Release

24 October 2019
Airlock, the security innovation from the Swiss firm Ergon Informatik AG, and the Cloud Data Protection specialist eperi GmbH, have agreed on a wide-ranging technology partnership. Their collaboration will make cloud platforms even more secure. To achieve this, they are using cutting-edge methods to protect companies’ sensitive data from unauthorized access.

eperi unveils Intelligent Security Solution for Cloud Environments

Press Release

01 October 2019
eperi, the specialist in Cloud Data Protection Solutions, is at this year’s it-sa to show visitors its solution – the eperi Gateway, which enables enterprises to use Cloud Services securely. The company, which is sharing a stand with its partners Airlock and SHE, will be showcasing its product portfolio in Nuremberg on the theme of “Changing from System Security to Data Security”.

GDPR-compliant test data generation with eperi

Press Article

26 September 2019
eperi, expert in cloud data protection solutions, launches a new solution for secure and automated test data generation. For the first time, the solution enables desensitization of data in databases and applications through tokenization – consistently across all these systems. The test data generation is a function of the eperi Gateway and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the users.

SEPPmail agrees Technology Partnership with eperi

Press Release

26 September 2019
The new agreement with eperi GmbH gives SEPPmail an experienced partner specialized in Cloud Data Protection Solutions. The collaboration enables SEPPmail to offer customers data encryption, even in cloud.based applications like Office 365 and Salesforce as well as on cloud platforms like Amazon. The company’s customers will now be able to secure all communications processes end-to-end – both internally and externally.

IT Security as a pioneer of innovations

Press Article (German)

06 September 2019
Airlock, the security innovation of the Swiss Ergon Informatik AG, is again organising a congress at the it-sa trade fair in Nuremberg this year with its partners Deloitte, eperi and SHE. The content will revolve around an old prejudice that continues to dominate many companies: IT security blocks many business processes; it is a “hindrance” to innovation. The security experts disagree, however, and appeal to the common sense of managers: if a company wants to implement a new idea in times of the digital market without thinking about IT security, this entails considerable risks.

Test data in the cloud: Ensure data protection

Press Article (German)

13 August 2019

Legal provisions such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have changed the way personal data is handled: This applies not only to stored customer or personnel data, but also to data used for development, software testing and training purposes. The strict regulations prohibit the use of sensitive information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. Therefore, they may not be used in a development environment. If this happens, severe penalties may be imposed.

GDPR – Compliant Test Data Generation available for the first time

Press Release

18 July 2019
eperi, the specialist in Cloud Data Protection, is launching a new solution for the secure and automated generation of test data. For the first time, companies are now able to use tokenization to desensitize data in databases and applications – consistently and across all of their systems. The Test Data Generation function, which is part of the eperi Gateway, can be flexibly adapted to users’ requirements.

Securely encrypt data in the cloud

Press Article (German)

24 June 2019
The legislator requires the encryption of sensitive and, since the EU-GDPR, the pseudonymisation of personal data. In the cloud in particular, companies should act cautiously in this respect. Many manufacturers and providers install so-called “backdoors” that provide alternative access to hardware or software. Bring-your-own-key offers, in which at least part of the cryptographic key is transferred to the cloud provider, are also questionable. “In principle, good encryption depends on who controls the encryption process. And that should always be the company responsible for the data,” emphasizes Elmar Eperiesi-Beck.

eperi & t2b announce C