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Test Data Generation with eperi

GDPR-compliant test data at the touch of a button? No problem with the eperi Gateway’s flexible tokenization function. Based on your original data, it simply generates standardized replacement data. The eperi Gateway is the only solution that is flexible enough to generate consistent test data across all systems – in databases, applications, files and interfaces.

test data generation

The eperi Gateway manages everything – from complete anonymization for software tests through to complex scenarios involving the preservation of proportions and plausibility. And it gives you a high level of flexibility: you decide which data should be tokenized. It’s quick and easy to set up, as no changes are needed to your IT-infrastructure and applications. With the eperi solution you bridge the gap between data security and realistic test scenarios – it’s simple, fast and configurable so you can tailor it to your needs.

Three simple Steps to create compliant Test Data

3 steps to generate test data

Test Data Generation with eperi

  • Tokenize individual values, data in applications, CSV files, and databases
  • Option for automatic allocation of suitable token profiles for database columns and adaption of the token profile for each column
  • Generate your own tokenizer – it’s as easy as creating RegEx definitions and as powerful as using Java
  • Create tokens with pronounceable character strings so that the data is easier for testers to process
  • Interconnect third-party data sources, like directories and external databases, to replace data with valid replacement values
  • Set up tokenization commands that can be run by several eperi Gateways
  • Completely independent solution: no changes required to your applications

The most comprehensive Cloud Data Protection Solution

Remote Control

Full control

As a customer, you alone control the encryption process.


Pseudonymization & Anonymization

Flexibility with encryption and tokenization.

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Suitable for all Cloud Applications

Patented template concept supports major cloud applications.


Highest Security

Crypto-Agility while maintaining all major cloud functionalities.


Flexible Configuration

You as the customer determine which data is encrypted, tokenized or left unchanged.

eperi Gateway flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment

On-premises, virtualized, containerized, in the cloud or hosted by partners.


Quick Success

Zero footprint requiring no change on client- or server-side.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Stateless failover/load balanced, worldwide deployments, georedundant.

Single Point of Control

Single Point of Control

Centralized enforcement of compliance policies and regulatory requirements.

European Union

European Company

No access by third parties via hidden back doors.

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