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eperi Cloud Data Protection for Microsoft 365

As more and more companies are pursuing a cloud-first strategy, users are accessing cloud applications like Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) anytime and from every type of device. However, regulatory requirements and company-internal compliance rules stipulate that personal and sensitive data should never be shared with unauthorized third parties. That’s where the eperi Gateway comes in. It enables companies to protect access to cloud-based data using cutting-edge security standards. And the most important thing: your end users won’t notice any difference and can use key Microsoft Office 365 functionalities in the cloud with no restrictions.

The eperi solution ensures that all sensitive information is encrypted before it is transferred to the Microsoft 365 cloud. Only authorized employees of your company can access the unencrypted data. Even administrators and employees of external datacenters can’t view the information in plain text format.

The eperi Gateway provides an ideal complement to the security and data protection features in Microsoft 365. The encryption process only takes place within your company, so your data is useless to unauthorized people once it’s stored in the cloud. That means you can protect your data while simultaneously fulfilling internal and external compliance requirements

The eperi Gateway:
Protects your Data before it leaves the control of your company

With the eperi Gateway, your company stays in control of your data – at any time. All sensitive data is encrypted before it leaves the company and is stored in the cloud. This is how the eperi Gateway prevents data from being misused.

eperi Gateway o365 encryption

eperi Gateway Features

The eperi Gateway allows the compliant usage of Microsoft 365 even for highly regulated industry sectors. Sensitive PII data is encrypted before it is stored in the cloud without affecting the daily business of your employees.


Outlook Mail

Encrypts subjects, body and attachments while preserving search and sort functionalities.


Outlook Calendar

Encrypts event titles and their descriptions while preserving the search functionality.



Encrypts document content in forms and libraries in the site collections you specify.


OneDrive for Business

Encrypts your documents in OneDrive. Supports local clients (Office etc.) as well as Windows Explorer and browser access.


Supported Clients

Supports Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, browsers (OWA), mobile devices (ActiveSync), and integration with specialized third-party solutions (e.g. Dell Quest).


Functional Support

Provides key functionality such as full-text search in encrypted documents. Autodiscover, Office Online Apps and many more.


The most comprehensive Cloud Data Protection Solution

Remote Control

Full control

As a customer, you alone control the encryption process.


Pseudonymization & Anonymization

Flexibility with encryption and tokenization.

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Suitable for all Cloud Applications

Patented template concept supports major cloud applications.


Highest Security

Crypto-Agility while maintaining all major cloud functionalities.


Flexible Configuration

You as the customer determine which data is encrypted, tokenized or left unchanged.

eperi Gateway flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment

On-premises, virtualized, containerized, in the cloud or hosted by partners.


Quick Success

Zero footprint requiring no change on client- or server-side.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Stateless failover/load balanced, worldwide deployments, georedundant.

Single Point of Control

Single Point of Control

Centralized enforcement of compliance policies and regulatory requirements.

European Union

European Company

No access by third parties via hidden back doors.

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