The eperi Gateway makes it easy to send Data across Borders

The Data Residency Challenge

With the growth of digitalization and increasingly global business environment, employees, IT-systems and business practices reach across national borders and data is shared between people in multiple countries.

People sharing critical and personal data across borders has prompted many governments and authorities to enact a range of policies and laws to regulate the issue of Data Residency. These often include a requirement for data processed and stored in IT-systems to remain in a specific country.

The eperi Gateway is the simple Solution to your Data Residency Issues

Data residency

Stringent Data Residency laws, such as those in Europe and China, often restrict and limit the use of cloud-based services and applications – unless they comply with all requirements. The eperi Gateway solves this problem in a simple and elegant way – by pseudonymizing all critical data. In other words, it generates random replacement values so that the data leaves the country with placeholders in it. The critical data stays in the country in which it was generated. Pseudonymization also ensures that the data is unusable in other countries if it falls into the wrong hands. When it flows back from the cloud to its home country, the placeholders are converted back to the original values and delivered to the user. The eperi Gateway performs all this in the background and users can continue to work in their usual way.

The eperi Gateway’s patented technology also enables pseudonymized data to be processed outside the data residency borders without contravening Data Residency laws. With the eperi Gateway you can decide for yourself which data should be encrypted, pseudonymized or left as plain text. This gives you much more flexibility when you’re dealing with the various Data Residency laws around the world.

The eperi Gateway has another big benefit too: you have a powerful security solution at your disposal that has zero footprint and integrates seamlessly into your existing IT-infrastructure.

How does the eperi Gateway enable Companies to comply with Data Residency Rules?

  • Offers Data Residency Compliance using pseudonymization and by giving you sole control over the encryption process in you company
  • Cloud providers and other unauthorized third parties cannot access plain-text data
  • Your critical data stays in the relevant country and never leaves it
  • End users can utilize the SaaS application with all key fuctions like search
  • The eperi Gateway integrates seamlessly into your existing IT-environment and is quick to install – no changes needed to usser or SaaS systems
  • The eperi Gateway is flexible and can be quickly adapted to new compliance requirements
  • The patented template architecture allows you to integrate your SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, and even your own cloud applications
Data Protection

The eperi Gateway: Your Secure & Simple Solution

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