The eperi Gateway: your cloud security solution

Companies and their sensitive data are increasingly targeted by attackers. And regulatory requirements like the EU’s GDPR and the PCI-DSS don’t make things easier for a business. So, what’s the best way for them to outsource their processes, or even sensitive information like personal data, customer accounts and trade secrets, into the cloud? That’s easy: with the right Cloud Data Protection solution from eperi.

The eperi Gateway is the foundation for all eperi Cloud Data Protection Solutions. It encrypts sensitive information before the data leaves the company and is transferred to the cloud. You have complete control over the encryption process, helping you to ensure you meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.


Data protection – secure, flexible and transparent

The eperi Gateway is an invisible protective shield for your confidential data. It runs completely independently of the applications you want to protect – whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud or hosted by a partner. And eperi offers out-of-the-box solutions for all common applications, including Salesforce and Office 365.

At the heart of the eperi Gateway is our encryption module secRT (Security Runtime). It was developed together with Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and made available as an open source solution. That way, you can always check that it is meeting all of your company’s data security requirements.

How secure is your data in the cloud?

Determine the Cloud Security Score of your company. Check the security of your cloud applications in just 5 minutes. Find out where your company has security gaps and get valuable tips on how to increase your security level.

The eperi Gateway enables

Protection of data from breach/theft

Even if sensitive data is stolen, encryption ensures that it is worthless to attackers.

The cloud with peace of mind.

Leverage the benefits of the cloud while ensuring you meet your compliance requirements.

Compliance with industry requirements.

Even in security-critical industries, you can be sure you’ll fulfill all technical requirements for data security using the latest technologies.

Legal and Compliance Interpretation.

Gives you full control over your data (e.g. PII data), ensuring you comply with all regulations.

Data Residency / Cross-Border Data Transfers.

All critical data is pseudonymized and remains in the relevant country. That helps you comply with all data residency requirements.

Reducing the scope of GDPR

With pseudonymization, you can reduce the scope of GDPR. For example, you could exclude your cloud provider.

Benefit from the eperi Cloud Data Protection Solution.


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