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Encryption with the eperi Gateway – Data Protection without compromise for every Cloud

Nobody can prevent data from being stolen. But the eperi Gateway renders the stolen data useless – and protects you from being held personally liable.

Regain control over your data and enjoy the good feeling of knowing that your data protection strategy is safe and sound, thanks to the eperi Gateway.


Flexible and individual Cloud-Security: Your Benefits with the eperi Gateway


Full Control

You alone have full control over the encryption of your data – at any time and definitely without backdoors.



All Systems – One Solution. Thanks to the patented template concept you can use the eperi Gateway for all your (cloud-) applications and adapt it to your data protection requirements.


Feature-Preserving Encryption

Your employees can continue working as usual, while the eperi Gateway encrypts data transparently and preserves the central functions of your applications (such as search and sort).

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How secure is your Data in the Cloud?

Determine the Cloud Security Score of your company. Find out if and where your company has security gaps and get valuable tips on how to increase your security level.


Individual Data Protection for every Industry

Bank Building

Financial Sector

Take advantage of cloud applications while staying compliant with the stringent regulations of the financial industry like Privacy Preserving Analytics.

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