Stay in Control – especially in the Cloud

Data Protection is your Responsibility – not your Cloud Provider’s

The future of digitalization lies in the cloud. Over 75% of all companies are already using solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, their own web applications and collaboration tools.

The fact that more and more applications are moving to the cloud raises an important question for companies like yours. How secure and protected is your cloud-based critical business data and information about your customers, staff and developments?

eperi offers simple and secure solutions that ensure you stay in control of your data – regardless of where you work on it or store it. The eperi Gateway encrypts all sensitive data that leaves your company and is stored in the cloud. You alone control the encryption process and define who has access to your data. There’s a simple rule: the one who encrypts your data needs to have access to the unencrypted data, too. With the eperi Gateway, that’s nobody else but you – so you always have control over your data.

Infographic eperi Gateway Cloud Data Protection

The biggest barriers to cloud adoption are fear of data loss, but also data privacy concerns and a lack of confidence in the company's cloud security policy.

Data loss declining diagram

64% Data loss/leakage

Privacy Protection

62% Data Privacy/Confidentiality

Security policy

63% are not confident with their organization’s Cloud Security Policy

Statistics: Cybersecurity Insiders – 2019 Cloud Security Report


Protecting your IT-Systems is not enough - Protect your Data too!

The eperi Gateway enables you to comply with the most stringent data protection requirements when you’re using business applications like Office 365, Salesforce, SAP and ServiceNow as well as databases and cloud storage. Its patented template concept also lets you determine which data should be encrypted, tokenized, pseudonymized or left as plain text. That way, the eperi solution adapts to your exact needs – not the other way around.

Another critical question that every company needs to ask is: how compliant are we with all regulatory and internal requirements, including the EU’s GDPR?

Since the GDPR came into effect, every incidence of data theft or misuse can be punished with heavy penalty payments. And you’re responsible for it – not your clod provider. In the worst case, the company staff in charge of data security are personally liable and risk losing their private assets.

On the left, you can see a diagram that explains the shared responsibility model.


Concerns about moving to the Cloud that we often hear from Customers


Personal Liability

Management is liable - including with their own personal assets - for data protection violations.


Data Residency

In many countries, such as China, sensitive data must not leave the country.


Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory authorities define clear legal requirements for the protection of critical data.



There is a 72-hour reporting obligation and the risk of very high penalty payments.


The Benefits of the eperi Gateway

Remote Control

Full control

As a customer, you alone control the encryption process.


Pseudonymization & Anonymization

Flexibility with encryption and tokenization.

puzzle piece matches

Suitable for all Cloud Applications

Patented template concept supports major cloud applications.


Highest Security

Crypto-Agility while maintaining all major cloud functionalities.


Flexible Configuration

You as the customer determine which data is encrypted, tokenized or left unchanged.

eperi Gateway flexible deployment

Flexible Deployment

On-premises, virtualized, containerized, in the cloud or hosted by partners.


Quick Success

Zero footprint requiring no change on client- or server-side.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Enterprise Grade Scalability

Stateless failover/load balanced, worldwide deployments, georedundant.

Single Point of Control

Single Point of Control

Centralized enforcement of compliance policies and regulatory requirements.

European Union

European Company

No access by third parties via hidden back doors.


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