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The Challenge of Regulatory Data Compliance

Aside from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) there are multiple other data protection rules, such as those in the financial and healthcare industries.

One thing many of these regulations have in common is that all sensitive and personal data concerning customers, business partners, employees, clients and patients, have to be comprehensively protected throughout its lifecycle. As a company you are always responsible for what happens to the personal data you collect. And you can’t delegate this responsibility either – not even to a cloud provider. If  a company violates regulations, it risks massive damage to its reputation, fines that can run into the millions, and the loss of market authorizations.

Regulatory Data Compliance with the eperi Gateway


The eperi Cloud Data Protection Solution allows you to protect your sensitive data with minimal effort. The eperi Gateway is a centralized platform that encrypts and tokenizes data before it is transferred to the cloud. Critical data only leaves your company environment in illegible form. The encryption process – and consequently the access to the data – is controlled exclusively by you. The eperi Gateway is based on a simple rule: the only people who have access to your data are those who handle the encryption process. And in this case, that’s nobody but you.

The eperi solutions give you full control over all your data protection processes, ensuring compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements. As a result, securing the use of cloud applications is as easy as ever.

How does the eperi Gateway facilitate Compliance with Regulatory Requirements?

  • It enables the pseudonymization and anonymization of your critical data before it reaches databases, applications and file storages outside the company
  • It enables you to generate consistent test data in databases, applications and file systems
  • It supports structured and unstructured data and delivers granular protection for it
  • It enables companies to control their data protection themselves and comply with the legal requirements
  • It enables companies to decide for themselves which data is critical and how it should be encrypted or tokenized
  • It reduces the risk of data being compromised
  • It reduces the time you need for providing proof of data protection

If sensitive data is encrypted and pseudonymized before it’s sent to the cloud, your cloud provider can’t access any information in plain text. In addition, this data is not subject to compliance regulations as it’s illegible. That means it can’t be the object of a violation of data protection laws by the cloud provider. Using encryption and pseudonymization, you can quickly and easily implement measures to meet specific requirements for comprehensive data protection. And if the compliance regulations change, you can react rapidly because the flexibility of the eperi Gateway’s patented template architecture allows you to adapt your protection to new rules immediately.

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