• Process critical data across national borders.

    With eperi, your applications can be used securely internationally.

  • The important thing is where your data is.

    With eperi solutions you can easily meet data residency requirements.


In the cloud age, not only the classic question “Who can read my data?” applies, but also the question “Where is my data located?“. Legislators are correspondingly strict: personal and generally critical data are often not allowed to leave the country. Companies operating in China, Switzerland or Europe, for example, should be familiar with these requirements. The use of cloud services across borders is often prohibited by data residency regulations. Your company is responsible for the implementation, not your cloud service provider.


The eperi Gateway solves this problem in a simple and elegant way: It encrypts or pseudonymizes all critical data before it leaves your company. The eperi Gateway, which runs in the country in which the data must remain, stores the critical data there. It automatically generates random replacement values which are stored in the cloud. This means that only unreadable garbage data is processed and stored in the cloud. Thus, personal and internal data on customers, employees or developments only remain within the respective country.

On the way back from the cloud, the replacement values in the country are translated back into the critical data and delivered to the user. He does not notice the security solution and can continue working as usual. The eperi Gateway ensures that the data is located within a certain territory, but at the same time, thanks to the gateway technology, can be processed outside the territory without violating applicable law.

With the eperi Gateway you decide yourself which data is encrypted, pseudonymized or left in plain text. This way you only protect the information that is really critical – and you have a high-performance security solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing IT structure without any necessary changes. This enables you to meet the strictest data residency requirements and current data protection requirements at the same time.

What the eperi Gateway does

  • Data residency compliance through pseudonymization and sole control of keys during encryption in your company

  • No access to encryption keys for service providers

  • Your critical company data does not leave the respective country

  • End users do not notice any change and can easily use the SaaS application

  • The eperi Gateway integrates seamlessly into existing IT structures and is quickly installed – without changes to user or SaaS systems.

  • The eperi Gateway is flexible and can be quickly adapted to new compliance requirements

  • Patent-pending template architecture allows you to flexibly integrate additional SaaS such as Salesforce, Office 365, or your own cloud applications

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