• Data protection and compliance in cloud architectures.

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More efficient, better performing, more scalable and cheaper: today, no company can avoid cloud infrastructures. Applications are accessed via the internet using an IT infrastructure provided by a service provider. This means: your data will be processed or stored on the computer of an external third party. You have to ask yourself: how do you keep control over who can read your sensitive data in plain text? Because in the event of a data breach, you as the data controller are liable, not the SaaS provider.


eperi Cloud Data Protection solutions protect sensitive data in SaaS applications through encryption and pseudonymization. The eperi Gateway encrypts your data before it is transmitted to the cloud. There they are processed and stored only in illegible form. You alone control the keys with which your data can be decrypted again. Encryption and key management take place outside the SaaS, in your company: this gives you full control over who can read your data, no matter where in the world they are. Even in the case of data theft: without your keys, attackers only capture unreadable data garbage.

The eperi Gateway is your central point of control for all your SaaS applications: Office 365, Salesforce and countless other apps can be secured flexibly with the same solution – the eperi Gateway – thanks to the patent-pending template concept. Using templates, you can precisely control which data fields are encrypted, tokenized or left in plain text – and thus achieve perfectly tailored, high-performance data protection. You use an in-house application and not a standard product? eperi, its partners and even you can quickly and easily create a suitable template for your application.

What the eperi Gateway does

  • Encrypts or tokenizes data before it is transferred to the cloud

  • You control who can read your data in SaaS

  • Advanced integrated key management that ensures that only you have access to the cryptographic keys – no cloud provider and no attacker

  • Easy to implement: user systems and cloud solutions remain unaffected; end users don’t notice any difference

  • Flexible deployment: on-premises, in the cloud or hosted by partners

  • Java solution that takes full advantage of modern virtualization systems

  • Scalable and geo-redundant. Meets all enterprise requirements, such as PCI-DSS

  • All essential functionalities of the cloud application, such as search, sorting and collaboration, remain unchanged

  • Allows Federated Identity Management via Active Directory, LDAP or the eperi Gateway

  • Compatible with Single Sign-On for applications

  • Maximum security: the basis was developed with the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnologie – BSI) and published under open source license and is verifiable for everyone

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