How to master SaaS challenges

More efficient, powerful, scalable and cost-effective – the benefits of the cloud are obvious. But users access applications via the internet on the service provider’s IT infrastructure. In other words: your data’s being used and stored on an external third party’s computer.

So you need to ask yourself how you’re going to maintain control over your sensitive data and who reads it. You’re the person responsible for the data, so the liability lies with you if a data protection violation should arise – not only with the SaaS provider (this is what’s known as the shared responsibility model).

Your solution: the eperi Gateway

The eperi Gateway is your centralized control center for all your SaaS applications: Office 365, Salesforce, and many other apps can be secured with the eperi Gateway thanks to its patented template concept. Using templates, you can define exactly which data fields should be encrypted, tokenized or left as plain text. That way, you achieve high-performance data protection that’s accurately tailored to your requirements.

With eperi Cloud Data Protection Solutions, you safeguard sensitive data in your SaaS applications using encryption und pseudonymization. The eperi Gateway encrypts and tokenizes your data before it’s sent to the cloud. Once it gets there, it’s only processed and stored in illegible form. You alone control the encryption process and define who is allowed to read your data. Even if the information is stolen, the thief will only be able to see encrypted data.

Want to use it for one of your own applications rather than a standard product? That’s easy: eperi, one of our partners, or even you yourself can create a tailored template for your application – quickly and easily.

How does the eperi Gateway help companies solve SaaS problems?

It encrypts or tokenizes data before it is transferred to the cloud

You have sole control over the encryption process and you alone decide who is allowed access to your data – not the cloud provider and not an attacker

The eperi Gateway is easy to implement: no changes needed to user systems or cloud solutions

End users don’t notice any difference while they’re working as the key application functions are maintained despite the data being secured

Flexible operation: you can run the eperi Gateway on-premises or in the cloud – or have a partner host it as a SaaS

The Java solution leverages all the advantages of modern visualization systems and containerization

The eperi Gateway is stateless, so it’s easy to scale. It’s the ideal basis for load balancing and failover protection – even in a georedundant environment

For identity management, you can choose between via Active Directory, LDAP or the eperi Gateway

Maximum security: the foundation of the eperi Gateway was developed together with Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, made available under an open-source license, and is therefore testable

The eperi Gateway: secure and simple solution for your data protection

SaaS Application

The eperi Gateway is the perfect
solution to protect sensitive
data in SaaS applications

GDPR Compliance

Simplifies compliance with central
GDPR guidelines by using
the eperi Gateway.

Data Residency

With the eperi Gateway,
sharing data across national
borders is no problem

Regulatory Data Compliance

The eperi Gateway guarantees
compliance with stringent
regulatory requirements.

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