With Fines in the Millions, GDPR Violations can be costly

Ensure Compliance with GDPR – even in the Cloud

Since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018, all companies around the world must implement multiple mandatory data protection measures if they deliberately collect or process data about EU citizens. The regulation comprises hundreds of requirements for businesses. Violations can get very expensive with the risk of financial penalties in the double-digit millions. And company staff responsible for data may also be liable, putting their personal assets at risk.

The eperi Gateway helps you to comply with GDPR Rules


The GDPR has again made it clear that the liability for security incidents in cloud applications lies with the companies using them – not just with the cloud service provider. The protection of personal data is each company’s responsibility and cannot be delegated. Even a contract can’t exempt a company from this obligation. If a security incident arises at your cloud provider, your company could be liable for a fine of up to 4% of your global annual revenue or 20 million Euros. You must also inform all affected customers and employees of the incident within 72 hours. But the most serious costs could be the immeasurable damage to your company’s reputation.

With the eperi solution you reduce your business risk – but also create additional customer confidence due to your data protection excellence. The eperi Gateway pseudonymizes all personal data before it leaves your company. Once it’s in the cloud, the data has all been pseudonymized and your staff can continue working in the usual way with no hindrances.

The eperi Gateway works with standard cloud applications like Salesforce and Office 365, with database applications, and even with your own applications and cloud storage.

The eperi solution gives you full control over your data, regardless of where it’s being processed. And that’s not all: you, your employees, partners and customers are protected even if there’s a data breach. That’s because pseudonymized data is of no use to a thief – so your company is shielded from the risk of heavy financial penalties and damage to your reputation.

How does the eperi Gateway help you to comply with GDPR Rules?

  • Can reduce the scope of the GDPR and – in case of a violation – prevent the risk of fines of up to 4% of your global annual revenue or 20 million Euros and the 72-hour reporting obligation
  • Reduces the documentation work needed for GDPR compliance as pseudonymized data in the cloud is not subject to the GDPR
  • Easy compliance with GDPR rules
  • The eperi Gateway gives you a transparent control layer in accordance with the GDPR principle of privacy by design and by default
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