• Data protection and compliance for Salesforce.

    Do you have control over your data?

  • Keep control of your own data in the cloud.

    With eperi Cloud Data Protection you decide who can read your data.

  • Cloud applications are the focus of attackers.

    With eperi Cloud Data Protection, your data is unreadable even in case of theft.

eperi Cloud Data Protection
for Salesforce

Salesforce is the center piece of your customer relationship management and enables your sales team to work in a customer-oriented and goal-oriented manner. But the sensitive data in the various Salesforce applications need comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. This is more important than ever because of internal, external and legal data protection and compliance requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

eperi Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce is the ideal addition to the security and data protection features provided by Salesforce. It extends Salesforce’s built-in security capabilities with a central data protection and compliance platform that gives you precise and transparent encryption, tokenization, and advanced key management under your sole control.  Only a small circle of authorized persons from your company have access to the cryptographic keys, so that not even administrators or employees in external data centers can access the data in plain text.

Your benefits with

eperi Cloud Data Protection

Quick to install
and easy to use

Quick and easy to implement. Important functions are not restricted; nothing changes for end users.

Only encrypted data in the cloud

Critical data leaves your company only in unreadable form. Without your cryptographic keys, the data is worthless.

Central compliance management

The eperi Gateway also protects other SaaS applications such as Office 365 and numerous other web apps.

Unique template architecture

Which data in the data stream of your application should be encrypted, tokenized or left in plain text? With eperi you can configure your perfectly fitting solution.

Data protection in all lifecycles

Whether data at rest, in motion or in use – eperi Cloud Data Protection protects your data comprehensively and ensures compliance.

No compromise
on safety

All encryption algorithms are implemented correctly. The basis is published under an Open Source license – verifiable for everyone.

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